Where to Get Mail When on the Move?

It is hard to find a permanent solution for getting mail when you are always on the move. Now we are not talking about someone who moves to a new place every few years. In those cases, you can easily have your mail forwarded – it is not an issue at all. But what if you are someone who is always moving from one place to another within the same area, because you do not have a permanent home or apartment. Maybe you are sleeping on people’s couches for a few months, or you have very short term housing solutions right now.

In these cases, you are going to struggle to figure out where you should be getting your mail sent. Is it a good idea to give a new address each time? At some point, you are going to find it hard to keep up with where you are going to be when you are next ordering something online or having a friend send you something from another part of the country. So you really have to make sure you are finding an appropriate solution to your issue. But what is this solution?

From our experience, the best solution to NYC mail forwarding issues is to get yourself a PO Box. It is so easy for you to pay less than $20 a month, and it will give you a permanent address that you can use for any mail that you may want to receive. Whether it is your monthly bill, a bank statement, a letter from a friend or packages you ordered online, they can all get sent to your PO Box. You will have a key, which means you can access it at any time. And during business hours, you can pick up packages sent to you as well.