How to Care for Baby Clothes

You just bought a brand new suit, dress, or other clothing item for your baby. Perhaps you bought MLB baby clothes. You spent some good money, and now you want to know: What’s the best way to care for baby clothing so that it lasts?

Well, the first recommendation has more to do with the baby than with you. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, it is a good idea to wash their clothing separately from yours for the first few months.

Using a neutral detergent is important not only in preserving the integrity of the clothing, but also for your baby’s skin. The more chemicals it contains, more damage it will do. At 6 months and older you can begin to introduce new detergents. Softener is best avoided because it sometimes causes reactions on the skin of newborns.

Washing by hand or in the washing machine are both great options. If you wash by hand, you’d have to be sure that no soap or detergent is left on the clothing. And, if you wash in the machine, use a double rinse cycle.

For the baby’s hygiene, you should use hot water when you can to wash. This also depends on the fabric. Some fabrics shrink when washed in hot water, and others get stuck with stains. Check the tag to be sure.

For especially delicate clothing, like those with embroidery, knitting, or that are made of silk, tulle, etc., it is always better to wash by hand so that they don’t get bent out of shape or ruined.

Ironing always depends on the type of fabric, and a lot of baby clothing is made with delicate materials. You’ll have to check the tag to be sure, but just in case, it’s best to iron at a low temperature. You also may not have to iron at all.